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2015-2016 USA West Race Calendar

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Chemult Sled Dog Races

Type USA West Sprint Schedule USA West Skijoring Schedule USA West Distance Schedule
Date January 16-17, 2016
Race Chemult Sled Dog Races
Location Chemult, Oregon, USA
Purse $1,200
Organizers Chemult Sled Dog Races Board and PSDSA
Sprint 8 Dog (9.6 miles); 6 Dog (6 miles); 4 Dog (4.4 miles); 4 Dog Novice (4.4 miles); 3 Dog (2.2 miles)
Skijor Adv (1-2 dogs) 4.4 miles; Rec (1-2 dogs) 2.2 miles
Distance 6 Dog (17 miles); 8 Dog (22 miles)
Notes IFSS Accredited; PNC Points on all classes

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