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2015-2016USA Midwest Race Calendar

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Kalkaska Winterfest

Type USA Midwest Stage Schedule USA Midwest Skijoring Schedule
Date February 20 - 21, 2016
Race Kalkaska Winterfest
Location Kalkaska, MI, USA
Purse $6500.00
Sprint Unlimited (10.5 miles); 10 dog (10.5 miles); 6 Dog (6.6 miles); 4 dog (4.8 miles); 3 dog JR (4.8 miles); 2 dog JR (1.6 miles)
Skijor 2 Dog (6.6 miles)
Other Recreational skijor 1 or 2 dogs (1.6 miles)
Notes 4 and 6 dog classes also have Registered Breed and Sport classes. 10 dog and unlimited will be sanctioned separately but will be competing together for a shared purse.

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