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Défi Taïga - Final Results
Fermont, Québec, Canada

March 17-19, 2017

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Results provided by Véronique Dumais

8-10 dogs (143 miles) (230 km)

Place Name Checkpoint 1 Checkpoint 2 Total Time
8-10 dogs (143 miles) (230 km)
1 Denis Tremblay 8h35,22 8h31,20 17h06,42
2 Martin Massicotte 8h47,41 8h33,27 17h21,08
3 André Lonchamps 9h04,53 9h18,06 18h22,59
4 Christopher Jackowski 8h53,44 9h29,52 18h23,36
5 Éric Chagnon 8h59,26 9h42,19 18h41,45
6 Guillaume Lizotte 9h18,45 9h28,54 18h47,39
7 Marie-Ève Drouin 9h24,00 11h10,42 20h34,42
8 Yan Shaw 10h09,50 11h05,24 21h15,14
9 Gilles Harnois 11h33,58 12h29,24 24h03,22
10 Rémy Leduc 11h39,06 13h55,33 25h34,39
11 Katherine Langlais 12h06,12 13h28,34 25h34,46
12 Marla BB 12h41,37 13h38,00 26h19,37
Michel Lécuyer 12h33,00 ABANDON
Danny Moreau 9h38,55 ABANDON
Carole Vuylsteke 10h15,34 ABANDON
Geneviève Raymond ABANDON
Amy Dionne ABANDON
Christelle Arseneau ABANDON

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