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Gin Gin 200 - Final Results
Paxson, Alaska

January 6-8, 2017

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Results provided by John Schandelmeier,
Crazy Dog Kennel and Canine Rescue

The weather was excellent; clear and calm with temperatures ranging from -15 to -30F.
Trail was hard-packed and fast. The trail features six climbs of over thousand feet each. 12-dog maximum with ten hours of mandatory layover time. The checkpoint at Alpine Creek Lodge is used twice during the event. Racers carry most of their own equipment and supplies. Alpine Creek is a remote checkpoint---available only by snowmobile, seventy miles from the start.

12-Dog Distance (200 Miles)

Place Name Time
12-Dog Distance (200 Miles)
1 Wade Marrs 31:46
2 Sophie DeBruin 31:47
3 MyDzung Osmar 32:45
4 Ben Goode 32:54
5 Kristy Berrington 33:32
6 Jacob Heigers 35:27
7 Fabien Cayers-Barrioz 35:34
8 Mellissa Schenke 36:16
9 Fabien Schmitz 36:17
10 Andy Pohl 43:00

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