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Montana's Race to the Sky
Helena, Montana, USA

February 14-19, 2014

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Results provided by Pam Beckstrom, Montana Sled Dog, Inc.

Conditions: n/a

Place Name Total Time
350 Mile Race
1 Jenny Greger 55:58:00
2 Laura Daugereau 57:20:00
3 Brett Bruggeman 57:36:00
  Bryce Mumford Scratched
  Josi Thyr Scratched
  Garrett Warren Scratched
  Bob Shanahan Scratched
  Herb Brambley Scratched
100 Mile Race
1 Roy Entnire 17:05:00
2 Jean Wise 17:59:00
3 Clayton Perry 18:22:00
4 Jim Oehlschlaeger 18:38:00
5 Laurie Warren 20:09:00
6 Chris Miller 24:25:00
  John Kunzler Scratched

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