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Apostle Islands Sled Dog Race
Bayfield, Wisconsin, USA

February 1-2, 2014

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Results provided by Kelley Linehan, Bayfield Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau

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Photo provided by Bayfield Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau Photo provided by Bayfield Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau Photo provided by Bayfield Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau Photo provided by Bayfield Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Bureau

Photos provided by Bayfield Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau

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Conditions: n/a

10 Dog | 6 Dog | Sportsmen's | Family Rec | Youth

Place Name Day 1 Day 2 Total Time
10 Dog (88 miles)
1 Matt Groth 4h 46m 40s 4h 18m 10s 9h 4m 50s
2 Matt Sturmer 4h 54m 17s 4h 10m 57s 9h 5m 14s
3 Matt Schmidt 4h 53m 7s 4h 21m 22s 9h 14m 29s
4 Amber Evans 5h 47m 29s 4h 40m 44s 10h 28m 13s
5 Merlyn Coy 5h 40m 9s 5h 10m 54s 10h 51m 3s
6 Linus Meyer 6h 0m 57s 5h 59m 25s 12h 0m 22s
7 Alice White 6h 35m 9s 5h 58m 3s 12h 33m 12s
  Rita Wehseler 5h 36m 30s scratch  
6 Dog (66 miles)
1 Martha Schouweiler 3h 5m 32s 2h 50m 23s 5h 55m 55s
2 Randy Foust 3h 20m 37s 2h 51m 37s 6h 12m 14s
3 Theo Theobald 3h 16m 23s 3h 11m 29s 6h 27m 52s
4 Jen Lanzer 3h 38m 50s 3h 9m 6s 6h 47m 56s
5 Bob Johnson 3h 43m 58s 3h 18m 39s 7h 2m 37s
6 Paul Amano 3h 59m 45s 3h 12m 38s 7h 12m 23s
7 Mary Manning 3h 56m 36s 3h 35m 52s 7h 32m 28s
8 Al Krause 4h 7m 55s 3h 48m 2s 7h 55m 57s
  Darcy Stanley-Nord 4h 17m 42s    
1 Ann Stead 2h 6m 16s 1h 45m 37s 3h 51m 53s
2 Niina Baum 2h 7m 19s 1h 47m 41s 3h 55m 0s
3 Nancy Lang 2h 9m 13s 1h 46m 52s 3h 56m 5s
4 Teri Grout 2h 21m 55s 2h 7m 45s 4h 29m 40s
5 Alyssa Whitney 2h 33m 37s 2h 9m 33s 4h 43m 10s
6 Richard Baum 2h 38m 35s 2h 14m 52s 4h 53m 27s
7 Erin Altemus 2h 39m 52s 2h 17m 58s 4h 57m 50s
8 Blair Braverman 2h 49m 5s 2h 12m 35s 5h 1m 40s
9 Josh Hudacheck 2h 42m 26s 2h 21m 14s 5h 3m 40s
10 Janet Bahe 2h 48m 8s 2h 24m 3s 5h 12m 11s
11 Brian Bentley 2h 53m 12s 2h 29m 45s 5h 22m 57s
12 Ricq Pattay 3h 41m 25s 3h 0m 26s 6h 41m 51s
  Richie Camden   2h 29m 39s 2h 29m 39s
Family Rec (Saturday)
1 Greta Thiel 48m 37s   48m 37s
2 Emma Thiel 49m 26s   49m 26s
3 Talia Martens 51m 23s   51m 23s
4 John Thiel 51m 50s   51m 50s
5 Morgan Martens 59m 15s   59m 15s
6 Caroline Ray 1h 0m 13s   1h 0m 13s
7 Janet Martens 1h 0m 46s   1h 0m 46s
8 Emily Kowalke 1h 5m 24s   1h 5m 24s
9 Jim Lynch 1h 8m 26s   1h 8m 26s
10 Alyssa King 1h 8m 40s   1h 8m 40s
11 Julie Buckles 1h 13m 46s   1h 13m 46s
Youth Race (Sunday - 16 & under)
1 Emma Thiel   44m 13s 44m 13s
2 Talia Martens   47m 24s 47m 24s
3 Greta Thiel   47m 25s 47m 25s
4 Caroline Ray   58m 15s 58m 15s
5 Morgan Martens   59m 42s 59m 42s
6 Emily Kowalke   1h 3m 16s 1h 3m 16s
7 Alyssa King   1h 10m 55s 1h 10m 55s

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