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Great North Woods Sled Dog Challenge
Colebrook, New Hampshire, USA

February 9, 2014

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Results provided by Jaye Foucher, North Country Mushers

1 day in Colebrook NH. Other legs of the race were cancelled due to lack of snow.
Weather was partly sunny with highs in the low 20's.

We had a wonderful turnout of spectators.
Photos will be available at our website  soon

Place Name Total Time
8 Dog (21 miles)
1 Jaye Foucher 2:03:13
2 Steven Davis 2:29:30
6 Dog (21 miles)
1 Peter Franke 1:54:13
2 Kelly Berg 2:10:41
3 Lidia Mesaros 2:13:09
4 Kim Berg 2:15:25
5 Kaitlyn Sutherland 2:22:36
6 Scott Isabelle 2:26:18
7 Lara Renner 2:34:13
8 Sue Bain 2:34:36

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