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Quesnel 200
Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada

January 28 -30, 2010

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Results provided by Warren and Kate Palfrey, Northernstar Kennels

The weather was one of extremes. After a warming trend during the weeks before the race, the beginning part of the race had hard, icy trails with not much snow cover. Then on Saturday the weather turned cooler and the snow began to fall and it did not stop for the rest of the race.

Place Name Total Time
12 Dog class (200 miles)
1 Jerry Joinson 1:29 pm
2 Craig Houghton 1:48 pm
3 Warren Palfrey 2:29 pm
4 Randy Mackenzie 2:45 pm
5 Abram Perry 6:30 pm
6 Ross Adam 7:30 pm
  Kim Verge scratched at the 3rd checkpoint.

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