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Taiga 300
Lake Louise, Alaska, USA

March 29-April 1, 2010

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Results provided by John Schandelmeier, Gin Gin 200 Organization

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Teams finish 1st leg at Wolverine Lodge
Teams finish 1st leg at Wolverine Lodge
Teams resting at the Maclaren checkpoint
Teams resting at the Maclaren checkpoint
Wade Marrs arrives 1st at Maclaren River
Wade Marrs arrives 1st at Maclaren River
Photos provided by John Schandelmeier

The Taiga 300 is the last distance race of the season on the highway system. It is popular with mushers who are looking for a qualifying event for the Iditarod or the Yukon Quest. The long hours of daylight plus warmer temperatures make this race a pleasant one for the driver.

The Taiga may be easy on the musher, but it is still three hundred long miles without many breaks. The Taiga has a twelve dog limit and teams must carry all of their supplies for two hundred and forty miles of the event. The race has two legs of over one hundred miles that are unsupported. Wolverene Lodge on Lake Louise hosts the start and finish. Maclaren River Lodge on the Denali Highway is the only checkpoint.

The younger crowd dominated this years’ race. Three mushers under twenty years old; Wade Marrs, Travis Beals, and Ava Lindner controlled the early going, with Marrs and Beals leading the field by over an hour into the one hundred and seventy mile checkpoint at Maclaren River. Other teams closed the gap, but Marrs turned in a strong final leg for the win. Lindner and Beals crossed the finish third and sixth, respectively. The second place team, driven by Karin Hendrikson received the Humanitarian award.

Place Name Total Time
12 Dogs (310 miles)
1 Wade Marrs 53:37:00
2 Karin Hendrikson 54:24:00
3 Ava Lindner 55:21:00
4 Jim Lanier 55:52:00
5 Zoya DeNure 55:53:00
6 Travis Beals 56:01:00
7 Reto Burri 57:10:00
8 Anna Berington 57:55:00
9 Bobby Mortier 58:36:00
10 Scott Janssen 58:40:00
11 Guillermo Anton 58:44:00
12 Elaine Martin 62:01:00
13 Rick Studley 62:58:00
14 Wayne Curtis 68:04:00

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