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ASPA Orienteering #2 Race
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

March 21, 2010

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Results provided by Don Kiely, Alaska Skijoring & Pulk Association

Results and report by Race Director Pat DeRuyter

The Alaska Skijoring and Pulk Association's Orienteering Event was held at Creamer's Field on Sunday, March 21, 2010. Fourteen teams enjoyed the wonderful spring weather and great trails to complete either 30 or 60 minutes on the trails.

Peggy Raybeck and Chico won the 60 minute skijor class by collecting all 1000 points. They were assessed a 30 point penalty for returning 3 minutes late so finished with a total of 970 points. The teams of Jamie Marschner (Bree) and Lisa Stuby (Killae) tied for second with 840 points each. Orienteering Rookie John Carlson (Rev) finished fourth with 550 points.

Rebecca Gilbert (Sharlee) won the 30 minute skijoring class by collecting 260 points.

Maria Bray with Natasha defended her 60 minute running class title by collecting all 1000 points in 37 minutes. Mara Bacsujlaky (Mac) also collected all 1000 points but took more time so finished second.

In the 30 minute running class, Janet Smith (Bert) collected 810 points but was assessed a 30 point penalty for returning 3 minutes late so finished first with a total of 780 points.

In the 60 minute walking class, Sunnifa Deehr (Lexi) won with a total of 950 points. Charles Deehr (Jessie) finished a close second with 900 points. Clarice Dukeminier (Crisco) came in third with 780 points.

In the Childrens 12 and under division, in the 60 minute Run/walk class, Emma DeRuyter, age 6 and Ozlo DeRuyter, age 4 with their St Bernard, Richard gathered 610 points to place first. They also were the youngest competitors and had the biggest dog. Ethan Gilbert, age 8, with his dog Pepper won the 30 minute Run/walk class by collecting 480 points.

60 minute Skijoring
1. Peggy Raybeck (Chico) 970 points
2. Jamie Marschner (Bree) 840 points
2. Lisa Stuby (Killae) 840 points
4. John Carlson (Rev) 550 points

30 minute Skijoring
1.Rebecca Gilbert (Sharlee) 260 points

60 minute Running
1. Maria Bray (Natasha) 1000 points
2. Mara Bacsujlaky (Mac) 1000 points

30 minute Running
1. Janet Smith (Bert) 780 points

60 minute Walking
1. Sunnifa Deehr (Lexi) 950 points
2. Charles Deehr (Jessie) 900 points
3. Clarice Dukeminier (Crisco) 780 points

Under 12 year old

60 minute Run/Walk
1. Emma DeRuyter, age 6, (Richard) 610 points
1. Ozlo DeRuyter, age 4, (Richard) 610 points

30 minute Run/Walk
1. Ethan Gilbert,age 8, (Pepper) 480 points

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