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Blue Ridge Dryland Challenge
Damascus, Virginia, USA

January 18, 2009

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Results provided by Marcia Horne, Blue Ridge Dryland Mushers Sled Dog Club

Weather: ICE. The day started out with ice on roads.
We moved the start time from 10:00-12:00 as temperatures increased to melt the ice.
We also moved the 4 & 6 dog race location from 4.8 miles to the 2.2 mile race location due to ice on bridges and still on side roads.
Wind about 5-10 mph.

There were several who left early due to the winter storm advisory, and several who did not make it. Two coming from North Carolina in same vehicle were in an accident. They are okay, the vehicle is not. All had a great time at the race; and as part of the 1925 Alaska Serum Run re-enactment on Saturday Jan 17th.

1 Dog | 2 Dog | 4 Dog | 6 Dog

Place Name Total Time
1 Dog (2.2 miles)
1 Marinka Gadzchowski 11:12
2 Jenny Akers 11:42
3 Rich Gasser 12:27
4 Mark Trickey 14:10
5 Lisa Trickey 15:08
2 Dog (2.2 miles)
1 Will Henry 8:14
2 Rodrigo Garcia 14:16
3 Sam Akers 14:20
4 Ryan Kennedy 14:37
5 Kelly Scudder 15:57
6 Jennifer Levy 17:56
4 Dog (2.2 miles)
1 Robin Harrison 8:25
2 Linda Powers 11:24
3 Jim Kaser 12:55
4 Kathy Anderson 34:48
6 Dog
Due to the shorter course, and some cancellations all due to weather conditions

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