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Taiga Spring Break 300
Lake Louise, Alaska, USA

April 1, 2009

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Results provided by John Schandelmeier, Gin Gin Race Organization


Taiga 300 started as scheduled at Wolverine Lodge one Lake Louise at 11:00 am April 1st. 21 teams left the starting chute. Temperature at the start was +15 and clear. Night time temperatures hit -30 Wed. night. Thursday it warmed to 5 above during the day and continued to warm through the evening to a high of 15 degrees.Thursday night saw 1" of new snow and the temperature holding at 15 through the remainder of the race.

Tonya Schlentner led most of the race, posting the fastest times on every stage. On the final 110 mile leg she left 2 minutes ahead of Michelle Phillips; Tonya fell asleep about 55 miles out--the dogs went straight instead of left---and she continued down a snowmobile trail for nearly 35 miles, She eventually would realize her error and retrace her route to the correct trail.

Place Name Total Time
12 Dog (300 miles)
1 Michelle Phillips 52:33:00
2 Micah Degeland 56:12:00
3 Cindi Barrand 56:26:00
4 Angie Taggart 59:35:00
5 Jason Mackey 61:23:00
6 Darrin Lee 62:44:00
7 Rob Tasso 63:53:00
8 Wayne Curtis 65:19:00
9 Wattie McDonald 67:41:00
10 Michael Raffaeli 70:18:00
11 Jen Brown 70:21:00
12 Pat Moon 70:28:00
13 Ed Stiehlstra 70:29:00
14 John Larrison 76:03:00
15 Jane Faulkner 76:13:00
16 Todd Black 76:43:00
17 Kathy Fredricks 76:55:00
18 Jillian Rogers 77:25:00
19 Tonya Schlentner 83:05:00 (370 miles)
  Toby Hanson withdrawn at Maclaren
  Jeff Katsion withdrawn at Maclaren

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