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Aurora 50/50
Aurora Dog Mushers Club
Big Lake, Alaska

December 27-28, 2008

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Results provided by Marilyn Mapes, Aurora Dog Musher's Club

Day 1: Good trail, drifted in spots, icy, clear skies temps in the 10-15 degree range.

Meredith Mapes' team was hit by snowmachiner on Iditarod trail. Musher ok. 1 dog with broken bones and the others bruised.
Thank you to Erin Redington who displayed true sportsmanship by helping Meredith.
Thank you also to Cim Smyth for donating half his prize money to Erin.

Place Name Day 1 Day 2 Total Time
50 mi/day
1 Cim Smyth 3:01:01 2:44:26 5:45:27
2 Dee Dee Jonrowe 3:00:45 2:49:19 5:50:04
3 Karin Hendrickson 3:17:13 3:08:53 6:26:06
4 Ray Redington 3:27:20 3:02:02 6:29:22
5 Mike Jonrowe 3:29:13 3:12:08 6:41:21
6 Angie Taggert 4:08:43 3:59:44 8:08:27
  Erin Redington 3:17:10 scratch  
  Meredith Mapes (Jr) 3:40:57 scratch  

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