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Kortright & Nutro Food Products Fun Race
Kortright Centre, Vaughn, Ontario, Canada

February 17-18, 2007

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Results provided by Joel Jamieson
Siberian Husky Club Of Canada-Southern/Central Ontario

Kathy Kilbreath
Kathy Henry Kilbreath
Cheri McCallum
Daryle Schuler
Jim Rossiter
Jim Rossiter
Matt Romanow
Matt Romanow

Photos by David Evans -Brampton, Ontario
~Click on photo for larger view!

A beautiful weekend for a race.
Both days were cold but the trail was hard packed on the Sunday and almost everyone improved their times.
The Kortright Centre for Conservation had over 800 spectators for the weekend.

3 Dog | 4 Dog

Place Name Total Time
3 Dog (8 miles)
1 Kathy Henry Kilbreath 35:23
2 Kathy team #2 37:44
3 Daryle Schuler 41:00
4 Matt Ramanow 49:23
  Kelly Coccilmillo DNR Sun.
4 Dog (8 miles)
1 Jim Rossiter 30:17
2 Robert Kilbreath 33:51
3 Cheri McCallum 37:03
4 Marilyn Graf 37:35
5 Robert Kilbreath#2 37:53
6 Daryle Schuler 38:12
7 Mike Murphy 44:51
8 Glen Lawson 54::51
  Steve Goldman DNR Sun.

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