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Nome Sign 40 (Hal Bartko Memorial) Sled Dog Race
Knik, Alaska, USA

February 11, 2007

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Results provided by Doug Bartko

Race follows Iditarod Trail from Knik Lake to Nome Sign (approx. 3 miles past Little Su River) and back to Knik.
Race usually loops onto Old Historical Iditarod Trail but the Old Trail could not be groomed in time

Junior | Senior

Approximately 40 miles

Place Name Total Time
Junior Division
1 Michael Owens 3:17:27
2 Jesse DeLoach 3:28:39
3 Garry McKeller 3:41:08
4 McKenzie Davis 3:53:06
5 Ilsa Schwarzburg 4:02:09
Senior Division
1 Al Miller 3:04:29
2 Rick Tarpey 3:27:00
3 Varan Hoyt 3:28:00
4 Nina Schwinghammer 3:29:30
5 Elaine Martin 3:47:00
6 Christine Roalofs 4:41:25
7 Lou Packer 4:52:44
8 Wayne Curtis 4:58:27

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