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Goose Bay 120 Mile Sled Dog Race
Wasilla, Alaska, USA

February 3 & 4, 2007

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Results provided by Redington's

Conditions: n/a

The race started at the Tug Bar Inn at Mile 19 Knik-Goose Bay Rd. in Wasilla
and to the half-way point to Luce's Lodge on the Yentna River.
Mushers completed an 8 hour layover at the half-way point at Luce's before their return to the Tug Bar Inn.

Available times on 2/7/07

Place Name Total Time
1 Ryan Redington 7hrs,10min
2 Rohn Buser 7hrs,52min
3 Martin Buser 7hrs,58min
4 Zack Steer 8hrs,02min
5 David DeCarlo 8hrs,09min
6 Cim Smyth 8hrs,17min
7 Tim Osmar 8hrs,17min01
8 Shane Goosen 8hrs,39min
9 Jason Mackey 8hrs,50min
10 Karin Hendrickson 8hrs,53min

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