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Don Bowers 200-300 Memorial Race
Willow, Alaska, USA

January 27, 2006

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Results provided by Mike Bishop
Montana Creek Dog Mushers Association

Conditions: Warm

Sven Haltmann photo by Helen Lundberg
Photo by Helen Lundberg
Sven Haltmann, winner of the 300
~click on photo for larger view~

Willow, Tuesday January 30
When Ellen Halverson pulled into Willow at 8:18pm last night she completed the running of the 2007 Don Bowers Memorial Sled Dog Race.

Don Bowers would have been pleased. He intended this race for rookies; six of the entrants were running the race as a qualifier [Q] for this years Iditarod (and others for next year). Poor weather on the Klondike and Copper Basin meant that this was the last chance to qualify for several racers.

Melissa Owens, 19, was second in the 200, and was running as a qualifier for next year's Iditarod. She will run the JR Iditarod for the last time this year. The 200 was won by a local lass. Sven Haltmann won his first race (having been a handler for Martin Buser, some of that training must have rubbed off). More at

Note from Joe May: This little race has become a truly international event. We had Maquieira from Argentina and Smidt from Wisconsin....

Bowers 200 | Bowers 300

Place   Name Home # Dogs


Don Bowers Memorial 200
1   DeeDee Jonrowe Willow, AK 16 1:03:55
2   Melissa Owens Nome, AK 12 1:05:13
3   Julie DeLoach Trapper Creek, AK 11 1:14:33
4   Mark Chin Willow, AK 11 1:15:33
5   Paul McLarnon Willow, AK 11 1:16:43
6   Karin Hendrickson Chugiak, AK 12 1:17:47
7   Matt Wagner Willow, AK 11 1:19:10
8 Q Jeremy Keller Wasilla, AK 10 1:23:35
9   Blake Matray Two Rivers, AK 10 2:02:10
10 Q Donald Smidt Van Dyne, WI 16 2:03:00
11   Keith Larsen North Pole, AK 12 2:03:20
Don Bowers Memorial 300
1   Sven Haltmann Willow, AK 11 2:11:14
2 Q Bruce Linton Kasilof, AK 11 2:13:51
3 Q Matt Calore Trapper Creek, AK 11 2:15:49
4 Q Hernan Maquieira Willow, AK 13 2:23:55
5 Q Ellen Halverson Wasilla, AK 10 3:07:54
  Allen Peck at Deshka River Lodge   Scratched
  Anja Fein at Joe May's   Scratched

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