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2nd Annual Eagle Cap Sled Dog Race
Joseph, Oregon USA

January 19-21, 2006

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Results provided by Ray Potter, Eagle Cap Sled Dog Race

Official finish for all teams was at Checkpoint #2, milepost 100, due to snow/avalanche conditions.

Thursday night, clear and cold, temps in mid teen's to 20.
Friday: Blowing Snow, and snowing hard

200 Mile Race called on Friday at 10 PM due to heavy snow conditions.

8 Dog | 12 Dog

Place Name Total Time
8 Dog (100 miles)
1 Bino Fowler 19:00:00
2 Justin Harris 19:59:00
3 Laura Crocker 22:25:00
4 Rick Katucki 30:26:00
  Denise Germain DNF
  Laura Jaap scratched
  Travis Ahlberg scratched
  Christine Lyle scratched
  Eldon Gress scratched
  Dee Ogden scratched
12 Dog ( 200 miles)
1 Billy Snodgrass 13:19:00
2 Matt Anderson 15:09:00
3 Jon Bunderson 16:59:00
4 Liz Parrish 22:22:00
5 Mike Carmichael 22:26:00
6 Butch Austin 22:43:00
7 Jim Oehlschlaeger 23:30:00
8 Perry Solmonson 24:22:00
  Robert Sexton scratched
  Dean Fairburn scratched
  Jo Watkins scratched

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