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Tug Bar 120
Goosbay Inn
Knik, Alaska

January 22, 2005

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Results provided by Ryan Redington & Zoya DeNure

A great race for rookie racers looking to improve and challenge themselves, while offering plenty of rest for dogs & mushers. The race trail runs on the same trail as the knik 200 ..very well supported for musher's and dogs.

52 miles from Tug Bar to Luces Lodge and return to Tug Bar.
Layover at Luces for 8 hours.

Place Name Total
1 Ryan Redington 16:25:30
2 Rick Townsend 16:47:40
3 Frank Sihler 17:02:40
4 Zoya De Nure 17:39:07
5 Eric Rogers 18:45:15
6 Jeff Deeter 19:16:00
7 Allen Davis 19:18:26
8 Tom Schonberger 22:19:00
9 Amy Gundlach 23:40:00

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