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Jim Lobdell Memorial Invitational Sled Dog Races
Part of Warren County Winterfest 2004
Chapman State Park ~ Clarendon, Pennsylvania

January 17 & 18, 2004

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Results & Photos provided by Walt Atwood, for Tionesta Valley Snowmobile Club, Inc.

marrero_doug2.jpg haring_jan2.jpg wellert_jim2.jpg starr_diane2.jpg
Doug Marrero of Kane, PA
Photo by CCAFMA
Jan Haring of Jackson, NJ
Photo by Bruce Atwood
Jim Wellert of Wadsworth, OH
Photo by Krul
Diane Starr Parkinson of Homerville, OH
Photo by Karen Atwood

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Competing teams from six states participated in the Jim Lobdell Memorial Sled Dog Races held Saturday and Sunday, January 17 and 18, 2004 at Chapman State Park near Clarendon, Pennsylvania. Mushers competed in several classes of races on the course, the shortest totaling two miles and the longest totaling twelve. Tionesta Valley Snowmobile Club, Inc., of Sheffield, managed the race.
Recent snowfall made the race course conditions "excellent".

4 Dog | 6 Dog | 6 Dog Sports | 8 Dog | Skijoring | Unlimited | 2 Dog Junior

Place Name Town State Total Time
Four-Dog Pro
1 Nancie Minicozzi Mohnton PA 37:35:13
2 Roy McLellan Ransomville NY 45:55:74
3 Bill Kiendl Bemus Point NY 47:57:35
4 Lisa Frank Creston OH 49:12:73
5 Jan Haring Jackson NJ 1:14:38:96
Six-Dog Pro
1 Johnn Molburg Tyrone PA 45:58:85
2 Gary Frank Creston OH 49:24:35
3 Rick Minicozzi Mohnton PA 54:29:94
4 Roy Smith Lacona NY 55:59:58
5 Carroll Johnson Tok AK 1:02:00:36
6 Scott Rice Galena OH 1:03:37:96
7 Diane Starr Parkinson Homerville OH 1:43:00:72
Six-Dog Sportsman
1 Gary Frank Creston OH 25:19:61
2 Jim Wellert Wadsworth OH 26:00:29
Eight-Dog Pro
1 Carroll Johnson Tok AK 1:21:05:14
2 Larry Obrist Lacona NY 1:23:00:15
3 Jeff Holt Frostburg MD 1:50:00:80
One-Dog Skijoring
1 Johnn Molburg Tyrone PA 25:71
Unlimited (10 Dogs or More)
1 Roy Smith Lacona NY 1:41:41:04
2 Jim Wellert Wadsworth OH 1:47:13:35
3 Doug Marrero Kane PA 4:33:13:31
Two-Dog Junior
1 Courtney Frank Creston OH 24:12:75
2 Doug Frank Creston OH 25:63:90

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