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Chugiak Dog Mushers 1st race of the season......
Cheechako Race
Chugiak, Alaska

January 26, 2003

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Results provided by Jo Wood

Temperature was in the low teens, under bright sunshine.
The 2 mile trail was freshly groomed and in excellent shape considering the little amount of snow we have.

team3.jpg (15357 bytes)team4.jpg (13514 bytes)team5.jpg (17728 bytes)

3 Dog, 2 mile race

Place Musher No. Dogs Total Time Team Owner
1 Mark Valdez 3 6:00 owner
2 Kristine Valdez 3 6:21 owner
3 Deanna Gamble 3 6:46 Andy Larson
4 Brenda Theyers 3 6:47 owner
5 Jeanne Carlson 3 7:01 owner
6 Colton Seale 3 7:26 owner
7 Carmen Villasenor 2 9:05 Ron Kilian

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