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Yukon Quest 250 Results
Whitehorse, Yukon

February 11, 2001 start

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Results provided by Joe May

Yukon Quest 250 - Started in Whitehorse on Sunday, Feb 11, 8pm - Finished in Pelly Crossing
Official Qualifying Race for the Yukon Quest International and Iditarod

This year the Yukon Quest 250 started at 8:00 p.m. giving seven hours of separation between Quest and 250 teams. The "starry, starry, start" proved a hit with all, entrants and spectators alike. But, the most enthusiastic fans were the dogs! The hounds seemed extraordinarily energized by the cool, dark of the evening launch! Main Street Whitehorse resounded with excited howling and barking until the last dog dashed down the chute and disappeared into the winter night.

The second year running of the Yukon Quest® 250 was reported by entrants and officials alike to have been a success. In the words of musher Darrell Otto, “I agree with other participants in that I was very happy with the race which fulfilled my expectations of learning skills necessary to run a dog team over a long distance and to give some race experience to a very young dog team. The race officials and especially the Vets were very supportive and helpful.”

Head Veterinarian, Dr. Margy Terhar made the decision early on to provide the 250 teams the same veterinary assistance that would be available to the Yukon Quest entrants. Dr. Terhar brought the vet team out for the pre-race checks on the 250 teams. She had created a schedule for the veterinarians that would place them along the trail from the first team to the last whether entered in the Quest or the Quest 250. This proved very successful as the entrants are always closer together in the first 200 or so miles of the race. So, we managed Quest and 250 teams through the first three checkpoints without difficulty. We will use the same plan next year when the race starts in Fairbanks. Dr. Terhar and race manager Leo Olesen agree it is the most practical in terms of logistics and economics.

The range of experience entered in this year's event was as broad as we could hope for. From 1988 Quest champion Dave Monson with a young team of inexperienced dogs to several mixed teams of experienced dogs coupled with inexperienced mushers. We served novice mushers as well as novice dogs. With the added hype of the "Big Yukon Quest" happening all around them these teams needed the advice, support and direction race officials Mike Hyslop - Marshall, and Joe May - Judge, provided in order to bring this mid-distance race experience to a successful finish.  And finish they did. Nine of ten starters crossed the finish line two days later in Pelly Crossing.

Finish Musher/Bib # Date # Dogs Elapsed Time
        Days, Hours, Minutes
1 David Monson/69* - Fairbanks, AK 13/2/01 12 2d 01hr 02mn
2 Susanne Aichele/62 - Carcross, YT 14/2/01 7 2d 03hr 56mn
3 Anne Doyle/70 - Dawson, YT 14/2/01 9 2d 03hr 59mn
4 Alden West/63 - Healy, AK 14/2/01 9 2d 08hr 06mn
5 John Gibson/68 - Whitehorse, YT 14/2/01 9 2d 08hr 08mn
6 Andy Elsberg/66 - Nenana, AK 14/2/01 7 2d 08hr 29mn
7 Darrell Otto/71 - Whitehorse, YT 14/2/01 10 2d 14hr 11mn
8 Michelle Phillips/64 - Whitehorse, YT 14/2/01 8 2d 16hr 02mn
9 Kelley Griffin/65 - Willow, AK 14/2/01 8 2d 20hr 42mn
Dimitri Gianakapoulos/61 - Cantwell, AK Scratch
* Yukon Quest 250 bib numbers begin with #61 to show separation between Quest entrants and 250 entrants along the trail.
1st Place - $550     David Monson
2nd Place - $330     Susanne Aichele
3rd Place - $220     Anne Doyle
Red Lantern Award     Kelley Griffin

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