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Posted - 05/17/2005 :  06:37:40 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
forgot two birds: NZ, and Crash.

nancy cowan
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Posted - 05/17/2005 :  07:17:09 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Dogs- CJ, Zeke, Storm, Eli, Jeanna, Angel, Sis, Kookla, Firn, Ollie, KirbySue, Hoover, Mojo

Cat-Two (named by a 2 year old)

Horses- Primo, Libby, Thunder, Toni(Ding-a-ling), Bibbeens(Bib'ens), LouLou

live laugh love
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Posted - 05/17/2005 :  07:51:48 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Niki (Nikita)-AN, TJ (Three Jane), Spooky(Spooky Too)--AN, Quill--AN, Jack(Gentleman Jack), Hudson--AN, Abby(Absolut), Dewey (White Label).

AN=Already named.

Sibertopia Sled Pets

Edited by - mbeers on 05/17/2005 10:25:33 AM
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Jessica Doherty

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Posted - 05/17/2005 :  08:22:57 AM  Show Profile  Visit Jessica Doherty's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Current dog names: Ivan, Jethro, Pysen, Pal, Elsa, Liam

Past dog names: Jasper, Rufus, Otis, Zelda, Zorah, Tara, Angus

Nicknames: Meatball, Porky, Rugrat

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Posted - 05/17/2005 :  08:57:54 AM  Show Profile  Visit snozilla's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Nina Katsina, Nook

Ewok, Marco, Polo, Lena, Gusto, Aspen & Puma are some of the current dogs in the kennel.

Elmer Squeals, Colby, Shibo, Crazy, Skeeter & Fargo are dogs formerly in the kennel.

*Oh, and I forgot: Fancy Face, Pilot ("pi", "pi guy"--ironically Pilot is the only dog in the kennel that I would NEVER put in lead) & Glory.

*(I didn't bother to mention the names that are uber common like Bear and Jack...)

"Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?" --random Barred Owl

Edited by - snozilla on 05/17/2005 10:48:46 AM
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Posted - 05/17/2005 :  09:40:49 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Bao (Bay-o), Pirate, Flash, Gus (Gussy da poo), RD II (R Dee-er da Pee-er), Treble, Charlie (Chuckle head), Bernard (Nardo), Zeke (the Freak), Harrison (Harry), Dieter, Beethoven - he's deaf - (Wild Thing), Slither, Lupin, Babson, (Major) Moose, Blakes (Baby cakes) & Jacques (the monkey)

The nicknames are used unless they're in trouble - kind of like when your mom uses your middle name!
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Posted - 05/17/2005 :  09:48:27 AM  Show Profile  Visit crescentmoon's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Named after rock bands, singers, authors: Flash, Wiley, Judas, Toto, Pinky, Jack(London), Cole.

Named because of day and month whelped: (Patrick)Henry, July, Independence("Indy")

Named for color/temperment/characteristics: Red, Lucky, Sparky, Skookum, Glacier, Sprocket, Bailey('s Irish Cream).

Named for local land features/celestial bodies: Napeequa(Crossing), Meadow(Creek), Chewaukuim(Creek), Arrow(head Mountain), Natapoc(Ridge), Crescent(Moon).

I don't know why, she came with that name: Tybo.

Rainbow Bridge Refugee
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Posted - 05/17/2005 :  09:55:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Bug, Happy, Merlin, George, Zeus, Bernie, Topaz, Tynan, Gemma, Woofy, Dot.(Alaskans)
Cricket (Pomeranian)
Hazel (Cane Toad)
Akbar and Jeff(Oriental Fire Bellied Toads)
Claude and Edgar Winter (African Clawed Frogs; one albino)

Visit my kennel:
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Fast E

2240 Posts

Posted - 05/17/2005 :  10:18:22 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Some of the 'leaders' i was fortunate to
'race' over the decades.

Tanner-Blackie-Chancy-Chubby-Mitch-Delta-Muppet-Doris-Carol-Dana-Kobi-Nite-Day-Deana-Donna-Sparky-Mystic-Leaf-Copper-Kelly-Tarzan-Drew-Holly-Kobuk-Thor-Lil Bits-Stroker-(there are many more)

The "best" leaders i've ever raced:

Judy('73)-King('75)-Kobi('76)-Dempsy-(late 70's)-Tiny(early 80's)-Lucy('80-'88)-Jumper(mid 80's)-Darby(early 90's)-Gunner&Gwen&Oats(Mid 90's)-Prince(late 90's)--current stars Captain-Tamara-Michelle-Desire(more to be announced and proven soon).

I will definitly be useing some of the names from other kennels,i do believe just as in people"give your dog"(kid) a wierd name and they will have no friends and end up whacked.
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904 Posts

Posted - 05/17/2005 :  10:49:45 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
We name our pups with "themes"
Last year I got those themes:
  • Rivers of the ANWR

  • Stones

  • High mnt in Himalaya

  • spices

  • Troy" the movie (yes I love B.Pitt)
  • "
  • Glacier in Alaska

You can look up the names on this link of last summer pups:
< >

Magali PHILIP, Nenana, AK
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437 Posts

Posted - 05/17/2005 :  11:15:21 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Our worst names:
Slow Poke, Marshmallow

A few along themes..
Coke, Cola, Scotch, Soda
Boda, Boras, Dutch, Dutchess
Nike, Tyke
Pumba, Timone, Nalla, Sagwa
Popcorn, Peanut

Fleece, Mitten, Union (suit), Flannel, Java
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205 Posts

Posted - 05/17/2005 :  11:33:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
current dogs/ ranger junior poda mookie molly jj(junior jr)jetta scooch baby barkie gus tonka slabbers este little t.ab.(dont ask, mike ruprecht named her)sassy roundy loki past memarable dogs/ nuc iniki tishna doc and my favorite from a friends kennel shovelhead..

Brian C. snowfool kennel
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313 Posts

Posted - 05/17/2005 :  11:33:05 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Our current dogs are:

Females- Busy, Lucy, Angie, Nikki, Francie, Sydney, Powder, Elle, Misty, Shelly, Hildy

Males- Boots, Kermit, Arthur, Otter, Buster, Marshall, Sloan, PeeWee, Lex, Tread, Marty, Dixon, Ed

Others we've bred, leased, borrowed or died - Fish, Karla, Kasee, Peter, Jewel, Libby, McGill, Leroy, Merlin, Holly, Jack, Krazy, Doc, Boo, Myatuk, Henlee, Amy, Pepper, Murphy, Charlotte and Charlie


Edited by - krakenrsh on 05/17/2005 11:34:28 AM
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729 Posts

Posted - 05/17/2005 :  11:54:54 AM  Show Profile  Visit JC's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Here's my current dogs: Ranger, Ruger, Dollar, Koyuk, Cowboy, Niko, Duelly, Hank, Badger, Windows, Dot (Dotcom), Excel (those 3 named after computers), Star, Ursa, Mira, Electra (those 3 named after stars & constellations), Cowgirl, Otter, Lucy, & Polar Bear.
House dogs: Bailey, Sissy & Louie
Some past names of dogs I liked: Murray & Chase, named after favorite comedians Bill Murray and Chevy Chase).
Solo, Vader & Obie (named after Star Wars)
Eddie (named after favorite singer from Pearl Jam Eddie Veddar)

Edited by - jc on 05/17/2005 11:55:56 AM
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347 Posts

Posted - 05/17/2005 :  12:41:20 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just a few of the more interesting from our kennel:

Hydro, Talus, Tarn, Pingo, Esker, Mesa, Buddha, Mukai, Kemuk, Pittu (for da yoopers), and my favorite.....PORK CHOP!!!

Also my best leader (who I didnt name) his name is Hodge (his nickname is pronounced haw-gee) Never even occured to me that his nickname is two opposite commands :) Actually, We have never had a problem cause I say Haw-Haw and a sharp Gee, he always knows what I mean, its the tone of voice I guess...

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