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Posted - 12/07/2007 :  1:46:25 PM  Show Profile  Visit vetbills's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I think there are a number of reasons Grandma. For us there are two main ones - expense and where we live. Our dog yard is 80' X 100'....that's a lot of fence and things in Fairbanks aren't cheap. We also live in an area of heavy perma-frost which makes any kind of construction project very difficult and expensive. In the summer we often need to move dogs into the trees at the back of the yard because as the ground thaws the poles get very wobbly.
Next summer we are hoping to lay a gravel pad out there in the yard which will hopefully make things drier for our crew. This year I hauled in umpteen wheelbarrow loads of wood chips, courtesy of my neighbor, and that really helped.
I guess for us too we have weighed out the risks. We've taken steps to reduce our risks of losing a dog to the wolves - move the little dogs into the middle of the yard, keeping the yard clean of food, emptying our pee bucket around the perimeter of the yard etc. I think we've done every reasonable thing to ensure our dogs safety. For now I'd rather direct our financial resources into good food and quality equipment.

"Dammit...I said whoa!"
Out Front! Kennels
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Posted - 12/07/2007 :  3:06:14 PM  Show Profile  Visit Gracie's Homepage  Reply with Quote
No doubt fencing IS expensive vetbills, but I found doing a small bit at a time was affordable. The peace of mind it has given me is way more than worth the price of the fencing itself. I must have $5000 easily in fencing at my place and there is no way I could afford all of that at once!

Permafrost shouldn't deter you from fencing, you don't have to go underground. I just bend the fencing inward at the bottom and add fencing to that so they can't climb under it. They've stopped trying to escape now though!

I suspect even the cheapest, 4ft fencing would be enough of a deterrent.
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Posted - 12/08/2007 :  07:08:43 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
What about hot wire. It's a lot cheaper the chain link.

live laugh love
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Cliff Maxfield

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Posted - 12/08/2007 :  07:47:02 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
About five years ago an older female wolf and a young male were killing calves not to far from us. DNR tranquilized them, put shock collars on them in addition to their tracking collars. Shock boxes were installed all along the fence of the calving pasture. It never even phased them. They took the pain, jumped the fence and continued to kill calves. The depredation continued until the two culprits were destroyed. Once destroyed the rest of the pack dispersed for a couple years. They are back in the general area but no longer kill livestock. We do have a high deer population so pickings are easy. We've never had any problems with wolves but did have a wolf hybrid running with two feral dogs that had to be destroyed by authorities because they attacked and killed a neighbors dog.
Around here we are far more fearfull of feral dogs than wolves. A band crop up every few years and have little fear of man.
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United Kingdom
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Posted - 12/09/2007 :  11:43:59 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Over here our wolves tend to come on two legs, we enclose our dogs at night, giving them more room in the day, so we know exactly where they are!

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Posted - 12/18/2007 :  08:06:06 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
There are some basic "rules" about predators, and all of the posts on this topic support them 100%. All the posters probably already know the rules...but in case any of you that read do not and are about to place yourselves or your dogs in or out of... team, tie out, in your yard... situations where you could have they are. The only reason I am writing them is because I run across so very many people who do not know there are "rules" that humans did not come up with first.

If you serve them, they will come. If predators are hungry enough they will go where there is something to eat, no matter if it has hooves, paws or feet.

Nothing works like success. If they have gotten served, they will return. In the case of one post here the wolves had been successful and NOTHING deterred them until they were destroyed...the others of the pack, not having partaken of the success, either departed the locality or did not take up the activity of "eatin' doggies".

Everybody has to eat someone. Predators, all predators, will take the easy opportunity if it is offered and they are hungry enough to outweigh the risks. Don't get mad at the predators...Nature has genetically engineered them to take these opportunities as the ones of their species who did not perished and did not carry on the line.

These rules abide no matter what stupid humans may think to the contrary. Doesn't seem to matter if the predators fly or walk or swim. So play by the rules...the rules, and the predators, were there long before us. And EVERYTHING is prey (even predators) at some, me, our children, the dogs, the understand the rules.

nancy cowan (who has been bitten, punctured, kicked and bloodied but never eaten 'cause I learned the rules and try to always follow them)

nancy cowan
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Posted - 01/01/2008 :  02:33:12 AM  Show Profile  Visit jeremie's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Heads up Annie Lake Road,Yukon. We were just racing at the GinGin this weekend. While our housesitters were here in the wee hours of the morning, a wolf went through our kennel and picked out one of our biggest males. Tracks were all over the kennel, so it appears this was a deliberate choice. The wolf ripped apart Bonzai's entire neck. Due to human intervention, the wolf did not manage to gnaw Bonzai off his chain, but it looks like that was his goal.
Our fault completely, we have only gotten our kennel partially fenced. Despite this, we are devastated to lose a really good yearling. A bottle of whiskey to anyone who brings me the wolf....

Jeremie Matrishon
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