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BARK Logo B.A.R.K. Sign Up Form

If you are interested in participating in the BARK program, please complete the following form.

You need to add your dog food and supplier contact info, along with the BARK logo, to your web site before we add your kennel to the list of participating kennels on the BARK page.

You may also want to add the following with your supplier info: Make sure to contact us at (your email address) so we can thank you and so we will know to expect your donation.

There's no fee to be listed.

Please note: the BARK program is intended for use by mushers on their personal web sites, not for commercial/business sites.

We feel the best way to promote the program is to consistently use the BARK logo shown above.

We've tested the logo on various web backgrounds and hopefully it will work for your site design. You can copy the above graphic in Microsoft Internet Explorer by right clicking and selecting "Save Picture As" or whatever works in your browser.

All fields required.

Kennel Name as you want it to appear
State or Province
Web Site Address*
Email Address
Phone Number with area code
Please format as 555-555-5555
* If you do not have a web site, enter n/a in this field and we'll link to your email address.


When you have completed this form, press the Submitt button.
please press the "Submit" button only once!

You will receive a confirmation of the information you have provided in a couple of moments in your email.